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Personalized care

My goal is to offer a fully customizable experience for my clients.  Every pet has different needs and every pet parent has a routine he or she follows.  Pets are more comfortable when their feeding, medicating, exercise and play time are consistent.  I can offer that consistency in their familiar environment minimizing the stress on your pets when you are away.  


Your pets will:

  • stay in your home which is a and comfortalbe familiar environment.

  • follow their customary routine and diet.

  • avoid exposure to illness from other animals.

  • receive loving individual attention.

Kaplan 3 dogs.jpg

Training and Experience

Ensuring your pet is safe is important when you are away.  For this reason I have training in managing the health and safety of your pets.  Being a member of pet sitter organizations allows me access to new training seminars and articles.  For your peace of mind I am bonded and insured and can offer you my third party background check.  I am always working to provide the best care for your pets.  

  • 6 years of experience with pet sitting many species of animals both in homes and on farms

  • Pet first aid and CPR trained

  • Experienced in subcutaneous injections and fluids.

  • Experience with special needs cats and dogs.

  • Covid-19 prevention trained

  • Member of Pet Sitters International (PSI). 

  • Bonded and Insured

  • Background check 


Why I am a Pet Sitter

I began pet sitting part time for my sister in-law's business at the same time I was working full time job in mechanical engineering.  Over the next three years I gained many repeat clients and performed my pet sitting before work, at lunch break, and in the evenings.   I loved all the pets and many of my clients became my friends.  However, eventually I had to make the difficult decision to stop pet sitting because my full time job was becoming more demanding due to my being promoted. 


Over the last few years I have found that pet sitting is more rewarding than anything else I have done.  Now I have made the decision to open my own business and make pet sitting my full time career.  I am loving the pet sitting world.  When I'm not with a client you can find me at the computer doing research or taking courses on techniques for helping animals overcome anxiety, improving my services, or investing in new products.  

two dogs and me-1_edited.jpg

About my Pets

I found my lovely dog Bandit at the Humane Society when he was three.  I worked with him to overcome his fears, improve his health, and to socialize with other dogs.  One of the things we did together was to take basic and advanced obedience classes then later agility training.  I have been blessed to have him in my life. Last year Bandit passed away at the age of 14. My dog's aging came with liver disease and arthritis.  I learned how to treat his pain, and improve the quality years. This experience has  lead to a better understanding of caring for pets with anxiety and aging issues.  I have lived it. 


 I also enjoyed horseback riding on my horse, Calvin.  We have competed in hunter/jumper horse shows.  Below are pictures of Bandit, Calvin, me, and my trainer at my last competition.  Since I was a little girl I have wanted to ride.  I am blessed to have finally be able to experience my dream as an adult. Since owning my own business, my riding has taken a back seat, but I do enjoy loving on Calvin.  


Customized care for all your pets

Happy Animals Pet Sitting, LLC

Bonded and Insured

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